Cost of Weddings in Dumaguete

Cost of Weddings in Dumaguete Dumaguete is known to be the “City of Gentle People.” It is also highly regarded as one of the most desirable retirement places not only in Asia but also in the whole world according to 2014 Retire Overseas Index released by the Overseas Retirement Letter. It has surprisingly maintained itsContinue reading “Cost of Weddings in Dumaguete”

The Most Affordable Event Venue in Dumaguete – Every Event

The Most Affordable Event Venue in Dumaguete – Every Event If you are looking for an elegant, huge, but affordable event venue in Dumaguete, look no further! Located at the heart of the city is Every Event, a venue for all events and every event, especially weddings. With 2500 sqm of area in the wholeContinue reading “The Most Affordable Event Venue in Dumaguete – Every Event”

The One Where Great Events Happen!

The One Where Great Events Happen! It’s amazing how one event can make family and friends close to one another. Family events are really special times, and therefore, creates memories. Whether it is a birthday party, a dedication or christening, and something as special as a wedding ceremony. Planning Planning where to celebrate it canContinue reading “The One Where Great Events Happen!”