How to Choose the Best Wedding Venue in Dumaguete During This Pandemic?

Nothing compares to a memory of a perfect wedding. Some people spend hundreds of thousands, even millions to create a perfect wedding in mind. From choosing a wedding dress for the bride to booking the catering services – everything can be a challenge. But one of the most important things to arrange for a perfect wedding is to choose an event venue. Event venues can be quite expensive. Average decent event venue in Dumaguete City for weddings costs about P25,000 to P50,000. And that’s for venue alone. Sound systems, comfortable seats, and even operators are not included.

With so many things to pay and so limited funds we have, how can we create a perfect wedding? First, we need to get in sync with our planner/coordinator, then work out our budget. After that, work on the details with our coordinator. In this time of pandemic though, some may opt to invite a few guests only in the wedding. That’s a great idea, but still, it can be quite expensive.

We can lessen the expenses when we choose a wedding venue package. That means when we rent an event venue, it should include most of what we need like comfortable seats, elegant sound system, aircons, microphones, spacious parking area, no corkage fees, etc. And only a handful event venues in Dumaguete City offer those things.

Every Event Package

Every Event is one of them. With one of the best wedding packages, it claims to be one of the most budget-friendly but elegant event places in Dumaguete, which can hold 150-200 guests in this time of pandemic. The Auditorium rental consists of High-end Sound System with Operator, High-class Sound Proof Panels, Fully functioning Floor-mounted Air conditioners with Backup Generator, Extremely comfortable Seats, Wide Parking Spaces, and NO Corkage Fees! Every Event Multi-Purpose Hall is quite big as well which can cater up to 100 people in this pandemic. Air-conditioned Function Room for small events and wedding of 30 guests can be a good choice as well. Finally, Every Event Front Porch can be a great choice for garden weddings and outdoor events fit for up to 100 people.

The bottom line is that it’s difficult to have a perfect wedding in these times. But we can make it count if we can maximize our finances and get the best services at a very affordable price for event venue, catering services, suits and gowns, etc. Choose wisely!

Choose Every Event – Your place of choice!

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By: KJV Perey

Cost of Weddings in Dumaguete

Cost of Weddings in Dumaguete

Dumaguete is known to be the “City of Gentle People.” It is also highly regarded as one of the most desirable retirement places not only in Asia but also in the whole world according to 2014 Retire Overseas Index released by the Overseas Retirement Letter. It has surprisingly maintained its beauty through the years.

Beautiful Celebration

And one of the most beautiful things to do in one of the most beautiful places on Earth is to celebrate a couple’s union in marriage. But sometimes beauty equates cost. So, is it possible to have a wedding celebration which can fit into your budget in Dumaguete? If yes, how much? Someone has to ask it, right?

The answer depends on the preference of the couple, of course. But let me tell you that the cost of the wedding isn’t equal to its value. A wedding celebration is important and valuable to the couple, the family, and friends, and most of all, the Lord. He values it so much whether it is a church wedding or a civil wedding and whether it is held indoors or outdoors.

Money Talk

Let’s talk about money now. I have seen couples spend literally millions for the celebration. I have attended a 500K club of wedding expenses and even a 50K ones. Although the flowers, setup, program, and other things aren’t the same, I would say sometimes the ambience and atmosphere makes the difference. Sometimes, cheaper ones are better in creating the ambience everyone enjoys. So, in that case, it is not a matter of money but of the rejoicing spirit.

Venue for All Events

The welcoming atmosphere of Every Event is one of the best in Dumaguete. With the excellent sound proof auditorium equipped with high-technology sound system, you have a venue excellent for acoustics or even full band. Accompany that with comfortable seats and floor-mounted air conditioners with backup generators and you’ll have a special, memorable, and a worry-free day to be remembered. On top of that, the package is one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest in Dumaguete! Now that’s something!

The Most Affordable Event Venue in Dumaguete – Every Event

The Most Affordable Event Venue in Dumaguete – Every Event

If you are looking for an elegant, huge, but affordable event venue in Dumaguete, look no further! Located at the heart of the city is Every Event, a venue for all events and every event, especially weddings. With 2500 sqm of area in the whole compound, you can certainly use the area for every event in mind. Now that’s convenience – one venue for all events.

Vast Auditorium

With approximately 500 sqm of event space inside the building (second floor), catering up to 300-400 people can be possible. Inclusions to the rental are high-end sound system with operator, high-class sound proof panels, fully functioning floor-mounted air conditioners with backup generator, and extremely comfortable seats. It is also equipped with 24/7 CCTV cameras for your security.

Huge Multipurpose Hall

Located at the first floor of the building is the Multipurpose Hall. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly event venue, this is for you. With the capacity to cater up to 100-150 people at a time, this can be a money saver. Inclusions are plastic chairs, tables, two speakers, and two microphones.

Cozy Function Room

The Function Room is located at the first floor of the building as well. An air-conditioned room able to cater for 40-50 people can be perfect for small events and meetings. Inclusions are white board and pen, comfortable seats, and tables.

Wide Parking Spaces

One of the must-haves of any building in the city is a wide parking area. Every Event can accommodate about 20 vehicles at a time inside and outside the compound.

Wedding During Pandemic – To Do or Not To Do?

Wedding During Pandemic – To Do or Not To Do?

Definitely don’t cancel, just postpone! While it is frustrating to deal with COVID-19 pandemic, we have to. It is especially difficult to deal with it if you already planned your wedding a few months or years back. Knowing that it will not be eliminated for a long time, should you just cancel your wedding? Definitely not! It is understandable that you just postpone it.

Event Cancellation

There are a number of weddings that are cancelled in 2020. The wedding industry is in a crisis according to The Economic Times. So, is it right to cancel it? That actually depends. Someone said that the pandemic can be a time to rethink and reevaluate our decisions in life and choose what really matters. So in this particular area, if you’re sure that it’s the Lord’s will to be united with one another, there’s no reason to cancel it. Otherwise, you have to think it over again.

Event Postponement

Postponing an event can be a hassle, especially if it’s a wedding. While no couple wants their wedding to be postponed, circumstances like this pandemic calls for it. But what can we do so that it can be as hassle-free as possible? Well first, decide when to do it. Actual date in mind can help you visualize and plan ahead as a couple. Next, meet with your coordinator. It is important to communicate as early as possible with your coordinator. Plan with your coordinator all the details of the wedding. Then let the coordinator cascade the information to your program coordinators, suppliers/vendors, and all guests.

Bottomline: “I DO!”

Postponing the wedding to adapt to the current crisis we are facing is understandable. We can do that by planning as soon as we are able. Cancellation of the wedding is not a good decision – unless you are not sure about it, of course. If that’s the case, you have time to rethink and reevaluate. Postponing it is better than cancelling it/proceeding without backup plans. You may end up not having a complete program or having few guests only in a big venue on your special day. It is important to plan again with your coordinator and work your way from there. Wedding is a blessing from the Lord. It should not be hindered by any means, not even by this pandemic.

The One Where Great Events Happen!

The One Where Great Events Happen!

It’s amazing how one event can make family and friends close to one another. Family events are really special times, and therefore, creates memories. Whether it is a birthday party, a dedication or christening, and something as special as a wedding ceremony.


Planning where to celebrate it can take time, especially if you want to accommodate a number of family and relatives – and they can be many. With that, you need a big space for celebration, comfortable seats, spacious stage for the program, and a huge parking space for the vehicles.

Venue for All Events

Every Event is a 2500-sqm. compound located at the heart of the city of Dumaguete. It is located at Diego De La Vina St., Daro, Dumaguete City near Dumaguete City Water District and Ace Hospital Dumaguete. It has a rental property which are the following: two-story building, a pension house at the back, and a huge parking area.

Inside the two-story building is a wide auditorium able to accommodate up to 300-400 people. Inclusions to the rental are excellent sound proof setup fit for acoustics or full band, high-technology sound system with operator, comfortable seats, and floor-mounted air conditioners with backup generators. Now that’s a deal you can get at an average of 30-50K for 3 hours as the average rate in Dumaguete.

Another big space is the Multipurpose Hall which can accommodate up to 150 people. Inclusions are tables and chairs, 2 speakers, 2 microphones, and fans. This space is way below the minimum cost of rental in Dumaguete. Next is the Function Room which can accommodate up to 50 people for small gatherings and meetings. One other area is the Front Porch which can accommodate up to 150 people as well. It is designed for outdoor activities and even garden weddings. Now that’s a money saver!

Surprisingly, Every Event offers all that and more! With the price of services way below the minimum standards in Dumaguete and with the facility above the average in Dumaguete, you have a deal that is much favorable to you. Now what are you waiting for? Book your events now! This is your place of choice.