How to Choose the Best Wedding Venue in Dumaguete During This Pandemic?

Every Event - Event Venue in Dumaguete City

Nothing compares to a memory of a perfect wedding. Some people spend hundreds of thousands, even millions to create a perfect wedding in mind. From choosing a wedding dress for the bride to booking the catering services – everything can be a challenge. But one of the most important things to arrange for a perfect wedding is to choose an event venue. Event venues can be quite expensive. Average decent event venue in Dumaguete City for weddings costs about P25,000 to P50,000. And that’s for venue alone. Sound systems, comfortable seats, and even operators are not included.

With so many things to pay and so limited funds we have, how can we create a perfect wedding? First, we need to get in sync with our planner/coordinator, then work out our budget. After that, work on the details with our coordinator. In this time of pandemic though, some may opt to invite a few guests only in the wedding. That’s a great idea, but still, it can be quite expensive.

We can lessen the expenses when we choose a wedding venue package. That means when we rent an event venue, it should include most of what we need like comfortable seats, elegant sound system, aircons, microphones, spacious parking area, no corkage fees, etc. And only a handful event venues in Dumaguete City offer those things.

Every Event Package

Every Event is one of them. With one of the best wedding packages, it claims to be one of the most budget-friendly but elegant event places in Dumaguete, which can hold 150-200 guests in this time of pandemic. The Auditorium rental consists of High-end Sound System with Operator, High-class Sound Proof Panels, Fully functioning Floor-mounted Air conditioners with Backup Generator, Extremely comfortable Seats, Wide Parking Spaces, and NO Corkage Fees! Every Event Multi-Purpose Hall is quite big as well which can cater up to 100 people in this pandemic. Air-conditioned Function Room for small events and wedding of 30 guests can be a good choice as well. Finally, Every Event Front Porch can be a great choice for garden weddings and outdoor events fit for up to 100 people.

The bottom line is that it’s difficult to have a perfect wedding in these times. But we can make it count if we can maximize our finances and get the best services at a very affordable price for event venue, catering services, suits and gowns, etc. Choose wisely!

Choose Every Event – Your place of choice!

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By: KJV Perey

Published by Every Event

Our vision is to be the best budget-friendly event venue for every event in Dumaguete City. Giving clients the most affordable event venue in Dumaguete City to celebrate life’s special moments is our mission. We have one of the best high-end sound system fit for every event partnered with highly engineered sound proofing technology. Like any other event venue, we have the most comfortable seats comparable to that of Waterfront Hotel in Cebu. Finally, we have the most romantic façade for garden weddings and outdoor events.

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