Cost of Weddings in Dumaguete

Cost of Weddings in Dumaguete

Dumaguete is known to be the “City of Gentle People.” It is also highly regarded as one of the most desirable retirement places not only in Asia but also in the whole world according to 2014 Retire Overseas Index released by the Overseas Retirement Letter. It has surprisingly maintained its beauty through the years.

Beautiful Celebration

And one of the most beautiful things to do in one of the most beautiful places on Earth is to celebrate a couple’s union in marriage. But sometimes beauty equates cost. So, is it possible to have a wedding celebration which can fit into your budget in Dumaguete? If yes, how much? Someone has to ask it, right?

The answer depends on the preference of the couple, of course. But let me tell you that the cost of the wedding isn’t equal to its value. A wedding celebration is important and valuable to the couple, the family, and friends, and most of all, the Lord. He values it so much whether it is a church wedding or a civil wedding and whether it is held indoors or outdoors.

Money Talk

Let’s talk about money now. I have seen couples spend literally millions for the celebration. I have attended a 500K club of wedding expenses and even a 50K ones. Although the flowers, setup, program, and other things aren’t the same, I would say sometimes the ambience and atmosphere makes the difference. Sometimes, cheaper ones are better in creating the ambience everyone enjoys. So, in that case, it is not a matter of money but of the rejoicing spirit.

Venue for All Events

The welcoming atmosphere of Every Event is one of the best in Dumaguete. With the excellent sound proof auditorium equipped with high-technology sound system, you have a venue excellent for acoustics or even full band. Accompany that with comfortable seats and floor-mounted air conditioners with backup generators and you’ll have a special, memorable, and a worry-free day to be remembered. On top of that, the package is one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest in Dumaguete! Now that’s something!

Published by Every Event

Our vision is to be the best budget-friendly event venue for every event in Dumaguete City. Giving clients the most affordable event venue in Dumaguete City to celebrate life’s special moments is our mission. We have one of the best high-end sound system fit for every event partnered with highly engineered sound proofing technology. Like any other event venue, we have the most comfortable seats comparable to that of Waterfront Hotel in Cebu. Finally, we have the most romantic façade for garden weddings and outdoor events.

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