Wedding During Pandemic – To Do or Not To Do?

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Wedding During Pandemic – To Do or Not To Do?

Definitely don’t cancel, just postpone! While it is frustrating to deal with COVID-19 pandemic, we have to. It is especially difficult to deal with it if you already planned your wedding a few months or years back. Knowing that it will not be eliminated for a long time, should you just cancel your wedding? Definitely not! It is understandable that you just postpone it.

Event Cancellation

There are a number of weddings that are cancelled in 2020. The wedding industry is in a crisis according to The Economic Times. So, is it right to cancel it? That actually depends. Someone said that the pandemic can be a time to rethink and reevaluate our decisions in life and choose what really matters. So in this particular area, if you’re sure that it’s the Lord’s will to be united with one another, there’s no reason to cancel it. Otherwise, you have to think it over again.

Event Postponement

Postponing an event can be a hassle, especially if it’s a wedding. While no couple wants their wedding to be postponed, circumstances like this pandemic calls for it. But what can we do so that it can be as hassle-free as possible? Well first, decide when to do it. Actual date in mind can help you visualize and plan ahead as a couple. Next, meet with your coordinator. It is important to communicate as early as possible with your coordinator. Plan with your coordinator all the details of the wedding. Then let the coordinator cascade the information to your program coordinators, suppliers/vendors, and all guests.

Bottomline: “I DO!”

Postponing the wedding to adapt to the current crisis we are facing is understandable. We can do that by planning as soon as we are able. Cancellation of the wedding is not a good decision – unless you are not sure about it, of course. If that’s the case, you have time to rethink and reevaluate. Postponing it is better than cancelling it/proceeding without backup plans. You may end up not having a complete program or having few guests only in a big venue on your special day. It is important to plan again with your coordinator and work your way from there. Wedding is a blessing from the Lord. It should not be hindered by any means, not even by this pandemic.

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