The One Where Great Events Happen!

Every Event - Event Venue for All Events

The One Where Great Events Happen!

It’s amazing how one event can make family and friends close to one another. Family events are really special times, and therefore, creates memories. Whether it is a birthday party, a dedication or christening, and something as special as a wedding ceremony.


Planning where to celebrate it can take time, especially if you want to accommodate a number of family and relatives – and they can be many. With that, you need a big space for celebration, comfortable seats, spacious stage for the program, and a huge parking space for the vehicles.

Venue for All Events

Every Event is a 2500-sqm. compound located at the heart of the city of Dumaguete. It is located at Diego De La Vina St., Daro, Dumaguete City near Dumaguete City Water District and Ace Hospital Dumaguete. It has a rental property which are the following: two-story building, a pension house at the back, and a huge parking area.

Inside the two-story building is a wide auditorium able to accommodate up to 300-400 people. Inclusions to the rental are excellent sound proof setup fit for acoustics or full band, high-technology sound system with operator, comfortable seats, and floor-mounted air conditioners with backup generators. Now that’s a deal you can get at an average of 30-50K for 3 hours as the average rate in Dumaguete.

Another big space is the Multipurpose Hall which can accommodate up to 150 people. Inclusions are tables and chairs, 2 speakers, 2 microphones, and fans. This space is way below the minimum cost of rental in Dumaguete. Next is the Function Room which can accommodate up to 50 people for small gatherings and meetings. One other area is the Front Porch which can accommodate up to 150 people as well. It is designed for outdoor activities and even garden weddings. Now that’s a money saver!

Surprisingly, Every Event offers all that and more! With the price of services way below the minimum standards in Dumaguete and with the facility above the average in Dumaguete, you have a deal that is much favorable to you. Now what are you waiting for? Book your events now! This is your place of choice.

Published by Every Event

Our vision is to be the best budget-friendly event venue for every event in Dumaguete City. Giving clients the most affordable event venue in Dumaguete City to celebrate life’s special moments is our mission. We have one of the best high-end sound system fit for every event partnered with highly engineered sound proofing technology. Like any other event venue, we have the most comfortable seats comparable to that of Waterfront Hotel in Cebu. Finally, we have the most romantic façade for garden weddings and outdoor events.

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